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Our Chauffeurs
envoy chauffeur

Professional and friendly

Fully insured and licensed for chauffeuring and private hire

DBS checked and certified (this was known previously as CRB)

Specialists in long distance and motorway driving

envoy chauffeur cars

There's a lot more to being a chauffeur than just driving. Our small team of chauffeurs have been handpicked based on their skillset, professional but friendly manner and loyal service to us as a firm and our customers. As you can imagine based on the type and mileage of our journeys it is essential to be completely happy with your chauffeur. There will be times when the journey flies by whilst chatting to one of us, but sometimes that extra bit of sleep or work on the move is a Godsend!


Our full-time team are ex-police officers and people from a professional background. We hope that you will appreciate the calibre of our chauffeurs.

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